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Why Switch to the AU Direct Domain?

With the launch of the new .au direct domain name last 24 March 2022, Australian businesses, organisations, and individuals can now make their website's domain name shorter and easier to remember. 

Domain names in Australia used to be ".com", ".net"," .id" before you could put .au. For instance, it's ".com.au" for businesses and companies registered with the state government or other commercial entities, while it's ".org.au" for charities and non-profit groups.  

But with the .au direct domain, you can now get your business or organisation's name as adoptdontshop.au, or whatever your institution's name is. As long as you go through the proper steps, you can easily get your own .au direct domain names! 

But if you're still not sure why you should get one, here are some reasons you should register a .au direct domain:

  • Target your local market better

If your products or services are only available in Australia, or if you're specifically trying to target Australian customers, you should choose a .au direct domain name. This will ensure that people searching for local businesses find you instead of competitors in other countries. It also signals search engines that your site is relevant to local searches. Registering a .au domain name gives you a competitive advantage in the local market.

  • Build confidence and trust with your Australian customers

When applying for the a.au domain name, you must show that you have the legal authority. There will be requirements that you must meet. As such, getting a .au direct domain shows that you are a reputable organisation or entity. After all, the.au domain space is managed and maintained for the benefit of all Australians, and you cannot obtain this domain name if you do not meet the standards.

A .au domain shows that you're a legitimate entity and gives buyers a sense of safety and security.

  • Rank higher in local searches

People in Australia can find your business more quickly if your website has a .au domain name. Search engines such as Google will prioritise your site more because it shows that your business is a local provider of goods or services. People who run small businesses and start-ups should pay attention to this, especially if they want to get into the local online market.

  • Enhance and protect your branding

If somebody else registers a .au domain with the name of your business, your customers may end up at their website instead! Protect your branding by registering a .au direct domain name. This ensures that all of the online traffic to your business will go to your actual website, not a competitor's. This will also prevent your competitors from registering it in the future.

Are You Ready to Make The Switch?

RJW Digital has already made the transition to a .au direct domain soon (try it out)! We encourage you to do the same.

A .au domain name for your Australian business or organisation can improve your website's search engine rankings and your brand's recognition. Because of the better branding and trust, it may also increase conversion rates! 

Registering a .au domain name is quick, simple, and easy if you know what you're doing.

Priority Status will be accessible to anyone who already owns a domain name in another.au namespace for six months following the launch of.au (e.g. com.au, id.au, etc.).

To see whether you are eligible for the direct.au domain name you desire, use auDA's Priority Status Tool.

If you're interested in transferring and require assistance migrating your website to a .au direct domain, don't hesitate to get in touch with us here.

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