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Marketing in a world without Social Media

Today, a world without social media seems unimaginable. We rely on different platforms to connect with our colleagues, loved ones and even clients. But in 2021, we experienced the unexpected when Facebook and its family of apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp faced a catastrophic global outage that spelled turmoil for businesses, customers and people who depend on them.


For more than five hours, the interruption had a significant and wide-reaching impact. People around the world used social media platforms like Facebook not only to communicate and engage but also to access apps, devices and websites. They use it to sign in to their shopping sites, smart TVs, thermostats, and other internet-connected devices. And because they were unable to use Facebook to sign in, it caused chaos like no other.


Although it's not unusual for technology to fail, Facebook's downtime shows that no business is safe. Even if social media platforms were down for just a few hours, your business could be in trouble.


In the last few years, social media has become an essential element of our lives.


So, how will your business fare if all social media apps suddenly fail?


If you want to survive the digital age, a website will be the essential part of your business. Today's virtual and unpredictable environment calls for robust digital marketing strategies. Having your own page on a social media site isn't enough. You don't want to be dependent on a third-party platform to communicate and engage with your clients.


With a website, your business is safer from outages that can disrupt your sales flow.  You will also be able to utilise several marketing methods to help your business grow. The web has a far wider audience, and with your own website, you will have your own space on the internet.


Marketing your business on the internet is also easier if you have a website because it establishes its legitimacy. A map and instructions to the company's stores or offices are frequently provided on the company's website. Having a website allows you to show your customers why they should trust you and choose to do business with you.


They say that today we have all the information we need at the tip of our fingertips.

And that is unquestionably the case.

The internet is a wonderful place to be. It has had a profound impact on how we communicate, share information, and go about our daily lives. But getting overly reliant on social media may not be the best way to go about when it comes to doing business.


There are a lot of prospective clients out there who could be missing out on your business if you don't have a website. After all, a company's website can be used as a portfolio or resume for the business. With a website, potential customers can learn about your services, accomplishments, and future ambitions as a company.


Sure, having a page on social media is great, but you can accelerate your company's growth and ensure its stability and

legitimacy when you have a website.

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